Creative Intent is the culmination of more than a decade of projects rooted in music and digital audio software. What started as a love for sound has become obsessively listening, composing, and producing, designing interactive audio-visual installations, and experimenting with sound design and novice audio application programming. Looking back, music has always been an immersive experience for me.

Temper, my first true product, was born out of the drive to understand the whys in music, and as I’ve developed the toolset with which I explore this intersection between music and technology, I’ve established an intense fascination for the world of signal processing and audio manipulation. For those of you reading, your support means everything to me. Creative Intent is evolving daily, and I’d love for you to help shape what it becomes.

Here’s to the future of digital audio,
Nick Thompson

P.S. Or maybe more honestly I’m just trying to become friends with Noisia.