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Tantrum, a new take on digital distortion plugins, is born from the same unique phase distortion as in Temper, but has grown into a far more powerful, dynamic sound. Tantrum features two distortion stages. First, a wave shaping stage, featuring five classic curve shapes from soft tape saturation to aggressive foldback distortion. Next, a completely redesigned phase modulation distortion, taking the original input signal through a stereo delay to modulate the phase of the distorted signal, bringing new subtlety to “warmth” and new aggression to “overdrive.” Finally, Tantrum offers a gorgeous interface with reactive and interactive visualizations to help you get to the sound you need. 

Try the free demo:
  • Tantrum_Demo_v1.1.1.zip
  • Restrictions: after two minutes of use, periodic white noise fades in. Saving presets in the editor is disabled.
  • Two distinct distortion stages
  • Five classic wave shaping curves
  • Redesigned stereo phase modulation distortion
  • Split band processing for careful tone control
  • Reactive wave visualization
  • Interactive Particle XY Pad
  • (New in v1.1.1) Toggle between a dark and a light interface design
  • (New in v1.1.1) Over 40 artist presets from
Purchase includes installers for Microsoft Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit, VST2 and VST3 formats, and for Mac OS X as a universal binary in AU, VST2, and VST3 formats. Supported use under Microsoft Windows 8.1 or newer, and under Mac OS X 10.9 or newer.

Additional Files:

Reactive Visualizations

The sine animation reacts to every knob turn, displaying the effects of each parameter to show you exactly what you're hearing.

Interactive Control

Dial in both distortion modes at the same time using the interactive Particle XY Pad to quickly get the sound you need.

Portable Presets

Cross platform preset management makes saving and sharing your work dead simple.

What They're Saying

"One of the most ingenious distortion plugins around, and should be getting way more attention."

"It’s one of the best sounding distortions I’ve heard in a while. The clean interface design and unique animations with the “orb” control make it a ton of fun to use while mixing."
Sean Divine